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This community is for people who hate the character of GWEN COOPER. We're not anti-Eve Myles, we're not here to bash actors, or characters of other shows.
Just checking in to this mostly-dead community to say how much I appreciate everyone who's critical of Gwen Cooper! You're all super intelligent, sensible, rational thinkers. =)

Is anyone following the new Torchwood series from Big Finish? I'm enjoying it a lot; I especially look forward to Owen's and Rhys's episodes announced for the upcoming season. But I have skipped all Gwen-centric stories -- hope I didn't miss too much that pertains to the universe in general or the other characters...

Can't stand Gwen as a person (naturally), and worse yet how preposterously bad she is as a character. It's beyond all suspension of disbelief and all crazy alien crap that someone as ignorant and incompetent as Gwen, who's rude and dismissive literally towards everybody literally all the time can endear herself to anyone, evoke respect, and keep a high-class job and personal relationships.

The further the Torchwood went, the less believable got her continued presence on the team -- until we've all just sighed and coped.


Sleeping Dragons update

Chapter 4 - The Mystery of Torchwood House of Sleeping Dragons 5 - The Old Terror has been posted to FF.Net.

In which the TW Cardiff newbies finally arrive at the Torchwood Estate and learn fairly shocking news. Enjoy!


You are cordially invited...

The virtual birthday party to celebrate my 60th birthday (which will come up on October 9) has just started at my personal journal. This is a tradition of quite a few years by now, and we always have lots of fun, not to mention interesting discussions.
So, if you don't have anything better to do, hop over, take a look, post a cake picture (fortunately, virtual cakes have no calories) or start a discussion of your own. The more the merrier!


Fic: EMV update

Hi folks,

I haven't posted any update alerts for a while because this story is mostly Star Trek, with Torchwood character cameos. But in the current chapter (and the next one) I'm letting cameo!Gwen get what she deserves, so I thought some of you would be interested.

Have fun!


Fic: EMV update

Chapter 8 - Silent Encounters of Enterprise - The Maiden Voyage has been posted to FF.Net.

I've also managed to put on several of my finished stories to AO3, in case someone who avoids FF.Net wants to read them. They are TNG, Sherlock and Torchwood, respectively, or Sherlock/Whoniverse crossovers. You can find them here:


Fic: Outtakes 05

Hi, folks! *waves*

Today, a short story set in the "Beautiful Minds"-verse (where Ianto Jones is the son of Mycroft Holmes) occurred to me unexpectedly. So I wrote it. It is really very short, not quite three pages, but it demanded to be written. You can read it here, as I've posted it to my own journal for the FF.Net-phobics. *g*

There is an FF.Net version, too, for those who dare to brave the Pit of Voles. And, to cover all possibilities, the AO3 version is here