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This community is for people who hate the character of GWEN COOPER. We're not anti-Eve Myles, we're not here to bash actors, or characters of other shows.

Fic: A Matter of Time 04

Chapter 04 - Reunions of the Eerie Kind has been posted to FF.Net.

In which Ianto finally meets some of the progeny of his own Torchwood team-mates and things are getting interesting.




I'm sure this has been said before but it's really been bugging me so I'll say it anyway. Having recently watched both "Cyberwoman" and "Day One" I was annoyed to say the least. In "Cyberwoman" two people are killed by/because of Lisa. Two. In "Day One" unnumbered people die because of Gwen, but Ianto is treated more harshly than her, both by the narrative and the characters, yet Gwen made a stupid mistake from mucking about and Ianto did what he did from love. So how is this fair?

Fic: A Matter of Time 03

Chapter 03 - Future Perfect has been posted to and to the otherworlds_lib LJ comm.

In which Ianto goes to the 31st century to get trained for his mission.



Fic: A Matter of Time 02

Chapter 2 - The Torchwood Files has been posted to FF.Net and to the otherworlds_lib LJ comm.

In which Ianto is mildly shocked and the Doctor is happy to have him in the boat. Mild Gwen-bashing ensues.



Gwen Rant

So I have just watched the entire torchwood series, and everyone else in my family all love Gwen. They think she is smart and competent, they don't appreciate the fact that I dont like Gwen. So I am writing this here so that I can get all the reasons I dont like her of my chest somewhere where I won't be insulted for it. One of my top reasons for disliking her is that the show itself tells us about a whole bunch of good attributes that she has. Which would be fine if her actions on the show ever showed any of them. The show talks about how much she loves Rhys but she cheats on him with Owen and keeps chasing after Jack. On the show someone calls her the heart of Torchwood. How in the world is that remotely true. Owen is more the heart of Torchwood then she is. Gwen only seems to care when she is made to feel guilty. Gwen only cared about the missing people in season 2 after Andy made her feel guilty about giving him a cold solder about it, then she got really annoying when she acted holier than thou to Jack about the whole thing. Then there is the fact that the only coworker she even remotely actually cares about is Jack. She acted all upset that Owen had moved on after the affair they had, even though she is supposed to be in love with Rhys. Gwen is pretty bad to Tosh. First Gwen shags Owen knowing exactly how Tosh feels about him. Then when we hear what Gwen thinks of Tosh we find out Gwen pity's her. Gwen basically thinks Tosh is a lesser being then her. Then there is Ianto who she basically ignores until him and Jack start shaging. In the episode with Adam, Gwen basically says she loves Jack. The only person who isn't there to hear it is Rhys. So can someone please tell me how in the world is it that she is the heart of Torchwood! Because it seems to me that Ianto was the heart. After all he is the one that makes sure everything keeps going. He is also the one that takes care of everyone else. Yes he hide Lisa in the basement. But he did that to try and save her, because he loved her. Doing this real did show up Gwen though. Ianto was staying faithful to a cyber an girlfriend and Gwen couldn't even keep it in her pants.

Fic: A Matter of Time

So, due to your encouragement, I've decided to go for the Star Trek: Enterprise/Whoniverse crossover. The Introduction and Chapter 01 have been posted to

and to the otherworlds_lib lj comm. Gwen-bashing comes in Chapter 2, eventually.



Jack Leaving Gwen In Charge

in soooo many fics, including the one I'm reading right now. It's like this:

Jack Harkness - world-renowned neurosurgeon

Ianto Jones - world-renowned researcher

Toshiko Sato - Top neurosurgeon

Owen Harper - Top neurosurgeon

Gwen Cooper - First-year med student

Jack feels faint. He is in the midst of a critical portion of a very delicate brain operation, assisted by his colleagues, Toshiko Sato and Owen Harper. Tosh and Ianto Jones collaborated to develop the experimental technique Jack is using in this operation. Gwen is watching from the gallery, as part of her class work. Jack knows he will not be able to finish this operation, since he is feeling so unwell. He turns to his colleagues and says, "While I am indisposed, I am letting Gwen take over for me". Unfortunately, this causes Tosh, Owen, and Ianto, who is standing by, to all fall down dead from shock, caused by the unimaginable absurdity of this. However, had they taken a moment to think before dying, they would have realized that Jack is really, really ill and completely out of his head. Why on EARTH would anybody in their right mind ever put Gwen bloody Cooper in charge of anything? The end.

I joined this community just so I could post this, because.


I need your opinions

I really do, and I hope it's okay to cross-post this here from my personal journal, since you folks are the most likely to be interested in CoE fix-its, a heroic Jack Harkness (sort of, not really, but almost), the progeny of the original team and stuff like that. If this is against the rules, holler, and I'll remove the post. But I was hoping for an inspiring discussion, to be honest. *g*

I've been working on an alternate Enterprise pilot, with probably a couple of more stories in the same AU settings. A story in which John Barrowman would play Captain Archer and Gareth David-Lloyd the enigmatic, time-travelling Crewman Daniels. Well. I've finished the first 3 chapters, rewriting them several times and am well into Chapter 4 now. Except that I suddenly got the idea to turn it into a Star Trek/Whoniverse crossover.

The crossover settings would be like this:
- Captain Archer is actually a great- great- great- and several more times great-grandson of Jack Harkness, hailing from a marriage in the 19th or early 20th century (remember that wedding photo Jack was gazing at longingly at the end of "Something Borrowed"?)
- Crewman Daniels actually is Ianto, who got snatched and reanimated by the 9th Doctor during "Children of Time". Just because I like Nine best. And besides, it's all wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey, so why not? Anyway, he can't return to his own time (timelines crossed, Reapers unleashed and stuff), so Nine places him into the 22nd century to figure out what happened to the Torchwood Institute, which was supposed to support human space exploration and to make sure Enterprise survives the machinations of the Vulcans, the Sulibans or whoever else is involved in the Temporal Cold War.
- Hoshi is a descendant of Tosh, and I gave her a similar background, including iprisonment for unwillingly working for Terra Prime. This aspect is already present in the current version of the story and won't change.
- The shadowy figure giving the Suliban instructions from the future is actually the Master.
- Gwen has cameos as incompetent maintenance crewmen and Rhys as the ship's cook, never actually seen in canon. They have slightly different names, of course.

I'm not sure which version to write. On the one hand, I've already written a lot for the original, purely Enterprise version, and throwing it out would be a shame. OTOH, the crossover version has much potential, and it could give a more believable explanation to the stupid Temporal Cold War than Enterprise canon ever has.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


Path to Forgiveness Part 19

Path to forgiveness Part nineteen
A week after Ianto comes back from his suspension; he is hurt by an alien device. Deaging fic. Spoilers up to Cyberwoman. Warnings Gwen bashing and preslash, Janto of course.

This is the final chapter.

Chapter 19


Fic: "Adventures" last update for a while

Part 90 - New Horizons has been posted to FF.Net and to the 13th_sherlock DW comm.

This will be the last update for quite some time. The next story arc, tentatively titled The Game Master, will be the WhoLock version of "The Great Game", but frankly, I haven't even begun to write it. I do have some definite ideas; unfortunately, some of them are controversial, so I have to choose which ones to use at all, and, of course, write the dratted thing, too. I definitely won't start posting before at least half the new arc isn't written, so that I would be able to keep up the weekly updates.

Please, bear with me, and if you have any suggestions or like to play guessing games, visit the DW version and leave a comment. At least there I can answer your questions and discuss possibilities, unlike on FF.Net.