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This community is for people who hate the character of GWEN COOPER. We're not anti-Eve Myles, we're not here to bash actors, or characters of other shows.

Fic: Healing the Damage Chapter 1

Title: Healing the Damage
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairings/Characters:Jack/Ianto, Caden/Tosh, Rhys/Owen, Mary/Gwen, Kathy, Estelle, Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart and OMC
Summary: Ianto mental shields have shattered completely so to help his lover Jack takes Ianto away to recover leaving Tosh and Owen adjust to have Caden, Rhys and Kathy helping them out. While sting from Jack's rejection and Rhys' ending their relationship Gwen becomes a pawn in a dangerous game that may destroy Torchwood in the end.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood; I do own Caden and all other original characters



Introduction and fics

I'm always a little awkward at first time,introductory posts, and even worse at coming up with titles for them. :P

Anyway, I'm an American with a deep affection for all of the Torchwood characters with the exception of Gwen. (I also don't count any new characters from Miracle Day. I tried to watch a few episodes and had to stop. It was just painful. I don't even count it as a part of the show. I choose to pretend it doesn't exist.)

I have to admit that I liked Gwen when I first watched the show. But, having watched it again many times since, I've grown to hate her selfish, sanctimonious, lying ways. And the way she flirts with Jack...don't get me started!

I've also recently gotten back into writing fan fiction, and currently have a Torchwood/NCIS crossover in the works. You can read my stories both here on LJ, and on ff.net and Ao3



I'm looking forward to exploring this community further. :)

Fic: A Matter of Time 14

Chapter 14 - Conversational Klingon has been posted to FF.Net.

In which they finish the first part of their mission, visit the Klingon homeworld and gain a new Science Officer. This story is now complete, but there will be numerous sequels later... or so I hope. Give the muse nice treats and she might cooperate sooner rather than later. ;)


Fic: A Matter of Time 13

Chapter 13 - The Coming Out of Jones, Ianto Jones has been posted to FF.Net.

In which the senior officers of Enterprise learn a few shocking facts and Ianto spills some private bones to Captain Archer. Also, Gwen's late progeny finally makes her first appearance, and we can see that the apple doesn't fall back from its stem...



Fic - A Matter of Time 12

Chapter 12 - The Time Lock has been posted to FF.Net.

In which Ianto makes a startling discovery...
(ominous music's playing in the background)


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Fic: A Matter of Time 11

Chapter 11 - Search & Rescue has been posted to FF.Net.

In which they rescue the Klingon messenger from the Helix, Archer has to make a hard decision worth of those of Jack Harkness and Ianto gets close to reveal a dangerous secret.

Apologies for forgetting to post an update alert for Chapter 10. RL has been being gruelling lately. I'm surprised that I can still bring up the energy to write at all!


Fic: A Matter of Time 09

Chapter 09 - Rest & Recovery has been posted to FF.Net - in the unlikely case that anybody is interested.

Aside from canon events (for Enterprise), Archer and Ianto have an informative chat about time wars and stuff in this chapter.


1st off. I've been a 'watcher' on this community for years - it's Anti-Gwen, how could i not :)
Awhile ago, I gave myself a project of going back through the posts on this site from start to current.
There's _a lot_ of them.
Enjoyed re-reading the fics, the commentary and the rants.
I thought I'd add my 2 cents.

Seems everyone can agree that they didn't like Gwen from the moment she lied to Rhys about being at the murder scene.
I agree but I realized that there's a scene we've overlooked.
The 1st one.
There SHE is, standing in the rain (what is it with the lack of umbrellas?!?), when the word gets passed down.
Clear the area for Special Ops/Torchwood.
Gwen's reaction to that?
"They can't do that!"
uuhm, yeaah. I'm pretty sure that not only CAN they but that they ARE doing that.

Did she never hear about interagency cooperations?!?!
I'm not a cop, I just watch cop shows and I KNOW that the Police work with other organizations.
Here in the U.S., tv cop shows have the NSA or the Feds coming in and taking over a case.
It happens.
Yet, there's our 'hero' denying reality.
And this is her FIRST SCENE!!

Then what does she do?
Again, from tv shows, wasn't she supposed to tell people she's left. That way, IF anything else happens, they can account for her?
I'm guessing, when she got back (still shocked/dazed from what she saw), that she told her co-workers that she left to go to the bathroom but I don't see them believing that.

My retake on the scene (aka how to keep Gwen out of Torchwood):
A co-worker reminders her that "yes, they can take over the scene' and gives examples of not just TW taking over a scene but the army or the government. Then the co-workers (re-)explains WHY another organization would come in. (victim's an arms dealer, was an informant, was carrying something that shouldn't be known...)
By the time the re-education of Gwen is done, Torchwood has left the scene.
Gwen never sees the resurrection, (still lies to Rhys), never sees the Torchwood team and, therefore, never sees Jack's coat disappearing up the stairs at the hospital.
No Gwen in Torchwood.
What do you think? Works, right?

Oh, my take on Gwen's background?
(based only on what we learned from 1st season - means we don't know about meeting Rhys in college, her parents and friends...only Andy, who she bails on whenever she wants)
She was a shop girl who got rescued from (?!?) by the cops.
Gwen started noticing how people treat police officers and decided she wanted in.
As a cop, she was now SOMEBODY.
But then came Torchwood and she knew that she had to join THEM to become a bigger SOMEBODY.
ok, that theory doesn't really work but there's a bit of truth in it, I'm certain of that.
Also, I'm certain that one Billis Manger is the one who points Gwen towards the Police AND, quite possibly, altered records so that she's hired, when Torchwood DOES look at them (and I like to believe that, while Jack does hire impulsively, he also verifies the qualifications - explains Tosh & Owen).

That's it. I could ramble on but this being 1st post, I'll go easy on you ^_^
(there's the whole non-qualifications of Gwen to rant on, after all)

- Rose